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Anne started her career as director & cinematographer for TV and cinema after graduating from the University for Film and Television in Munich in 2012.

Soon afterwards she enriched her creative journey by directing commercial films.

During her education Anne participated in the Kodak Cinematography Masterclass in Budapest in 2005, in the Documentary Campus Masterclass in Sheffield/Malmö/Amsterdam in 2014 and in 2020 she obtained a qualification as script consultant, creative producer and lector at Masterschool Drehbuch in Berlin.


In April 2021 Anne finished the series.lab at Masterschool Drehbuch in Berlin and is now also screenwriting for fictional TV series and feature films. 

Her films have been shown and presented awards at festivals including the Venice & Cannes Film Festival, Camerimage, Film Festival Montreal, Munich International Documentary Film Festival, New York Tribeca and Berlin International Festival. 


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